THESE TOP 10 RV ACCESSORIES & RV UPGRADES are not must-haves but rather fun, cool, luxury ideas to make RV camping life better! These cool RV accessories you can’t live without are perfect for all RV types including motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper, and small campers – these best 10 RV camping gadgets will change your RV life experience!

This is a diverse list of the best RV accessories and I own 6 of them. The other 4 are fun RV accessories ideas I really want!

Top 10 RV Accessories and Upgrades List

Froli Sleep System

This is my #1 favorite RV upgrade.

I installed the Froli Sleep System in my RV about 1 year ago and it literally converted my RV mattress into a 5-Star like hotel bed. It is a modular spring system that is really easy to install. The flexing movements of the springs create an air-flow surface that keeps my body cushioned and comfortably supported. Plus, it fits easily into any bed shape and because it lifts your mattress off the hard surface and allows air flow it also prevents mild or mildew from occurring under your mattress.

AND the best news… the Froli Sleep System Company has given me a 15% off promo code to share with you!

Froli Sleep System promo code and more info here:

Blackstone Griddle

I like to cook outside to avoid having smelly odors inside my RV and food tastes better when cooked outdoors. If you are unfamiliar a griddle grill has smooth flat surface vs bars with openings in between like on the regular grill which means everything you can cook on a regular grill you can cook on the Blackstone Griddle plus things you couldn’t such as pancakes and eggs. One of the unique characteristics of the griddle is it retains heat and cooks like cast iron because the griddle top is a heavy piece of cold-rolled steel. Once the griddle top gets hot, it stays hot. Another big benefit is it uses propane… either a small canister or hook up to the RV propane tank.

The Blackstone Grill is a Favorite RV accessory amongst RVers and after owning mine for almost a year I now know why. It’s not an average grill.

I did an unboxing and review video of this portable gas grill that includes more details.

Blackstone unboxing video:
Buy the Blackstone Griddle here:

Solo Stove Bonfire

Ok, the next RV accessory is one I don’t own but is popular amongst RVers and that is a…. portable fire pit. And more specifically the Solo Stove Bonfire. RVers rave about them!

There are three big benefits to the Solo Stove Bonfire:

  1. low smoke and fumes compared to a regular campfire
  2. easy to light
  3. they give off good heat because the holes in the double-wall structure suck the air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top resulting in a big flame with intense heat

Gosh, I have considered purchasing this portable fire pit for a while now. I think my dilemma is campfires are one of my favorite things so I wonder how often I would use it over building a regular campfire? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you team portable campfire or team regular campfire?

Buy the Solo Stove Bonfire here:

Keyless RV Door Lock

Up next is my second favorite RV upgrade! An RV keyless door lock…

And this lock is made by RVLock. It has a keypad that you set up using your own 4 digit code and it comes with a remote fob. When locking or unlocking your RV door you simply enter your 4 digit code on the keypad. It is for sure one of those RV accessories I wouldn’t want to go without now that I have it. We are constantly coming and going from our RV, so it is super convenient.

I also learned most RV keys are made with the same key! It is a Universal key known as CH751. So, take a look at your RV door key and if it has CH751 on it, this means others with this same popular key can open your RV door. Isn’t that crazy to think probably most people at a campground have a key to unlock your RV? So along with being a huge convenience, this RV hack is a big security RV upgrade!

Plus, it was really easy to install. I have an installation video of my RV keyless door lock along with step by step instructions.

Keyless RV Door Lock install video:
Buy it here:

Nemo Chair

#5 on the RV accessory list is a chair. But it’s no ordinary chair. If you want to sit in the absolute most comfortable portable stargazing reclining chair… you need to experience the Nemo Stargaze recliner chair!

When people see me rocking in mine, they always come up and want to know more about it and sit in it. The Nemo chair has a unique auto recline system, you just lean back to find yourself in the perfect lounge position and it swings fluidly like a hammock. You just kick back and you are in the ultimate camp recliner. It is lightweight plus it folds up in a travel tote that comes with it, so it’s super easy to carry anywhere you go. And set up is really easy. The mesh material is cool and allows airflow yet strong and conforms perfectly to cradle your body and the aluminum suspension frame offers great stability allowing you to swing on unlevel areas or sandy beaches. It also has a no-spill cup holder and a stash pocket!

This is an RV accessory you almost need to sit in to believe how comfortable it is. Trust me, others will have chair envy when they see you in this reclining stargazing chair!

Nemo Chair video: (Travels with Delaney video)
Buy the Nemo Chair here:

Portable Power Station

Next up is my newest RV accessory! And it is the Jackery Explorer 1000 portable power station!

This portable power station is going to give me the freedom to do more boondocking or off-grid RV camping or stay at campsites without electric hookups. As a YouTube Creator, I need to power up my gear or I can’t film and I didn’t want to worry about running out of power with small power packs.

Things I love about the Jackery 1000:

  1. It has 8 ports so I can charge 8 things at one time!
  2. It charges devices, computers, drones, small to medium appliances & CPAP machines.
  3. It has 4 USB ports and 2 of them are USB C ports and this was a feature I was specifically looking for in a portable power station. USB-C ports charge devices significantly faster. My iPhone 11 came with a USB-C charger, and more and more devices are going to be using this type of charge. So, it is just smart to buy a portable power station that has this type of USB port.
  4. 1002-Watt hours which means it can charge a smartphone 100 times.
  5. It can be charged with solar panels.
  6. Compared to a gas generator this battery-powered generator it will operate without noise, the fumes, pollution, gasoline, and the need for oil changes. I love this.
  7. As the name suggests, it’s portable, weighing just 22.04 pounds.

And I just received the Jackery solar panels so I will be doing a video in the near future so stay tuned for that video.

Jackery 1000 information video:
Buy the Jackery 1000 here:

Truck Box System

The next RV accessory is not technically an RV accessory, but it provides a way for us to store and organize our RV accessories and other necessities. And that is a truck box!

My husband Tom purchased and installed the DECKED truck roll out toolbox last summer to carry our RV accessories, tools, and other gear that does not fit in our RV or our RV storage area. It is an extra storage system for our RV gear! The heavy-duty drawers have lots of space for all our RV stuff! It also has 4 bins for extra storage and with its low-profile design, the DECKED Storage System leaves plenty of room on top for even more stuff. It’s weatherproof and secure and keeps us organized so we can find things easier. This truck box gives us more storage area for RV accessories and necessities. It was easy to install plus they make different sizes for most trucks.

Decked Truck Box video:
Buy the Decked Truck Box here:

Portable Pizza Oven

I do not own the next RV accessory, but I think it would be pretty awesome to have!

And that’s a portable Pizza oven! How cool would it be to make gourmet pizza while camping?

I’m talking about the Bertello Wood Fire and Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven (as seen on Shark Tank).  It uses Charcoal, Wood, Pellets, or a Gas Burner for authentic wood fire and gas brick oven pizza. In addition to pizza, you can cook a wide variety of foods, including meat, fish, vegetables, and dessert pizzas. The Bertello Oven is lightweight and extremely portable. Now campers can achieve restaurant-quality results by being able to cook at temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit allowing you to achieve a perfect crust. Plus, it has great reviews on Amazon.

Buy the Bertello Portable Oven here:

Clam Shelter

I have seen CLAM Shelters at campgrounds, and they looked like a great way to have like an outdoor room. Then last summer I met this nice couple who showed me theirs and I was impressed. It is an outdoor screen room.

The Clam Shelter has 94 square feet of usable area and they even had their picnic table in it with plenty of extra room. They showed me how you can use the wind panels if it is raining or windy and it offers extra outdoor space when you want to get out of the sun. I like the screened area because I live in MN and we get unwelcomed guests… mosquitoes and they love me! What a great RV accessory that would allow me to be outside when its raining or the mosquitoes are biting.

Another benefit of the Clam Shelter… it is one piece so it looks like it would be super easy to put up and tear down with no separate pieces to assemble.

This is a great piece of RV camping equipment with a lot of uses to make RV life better!

Clam Shelter video:
Buy the Clam Shelter here:


Next on the top RV accessories list is a hammock!

I have been researching hammocks for a few weeks now and will probably purchase one soon. Why would I want a hammock when I have an RV? I think there are many ways a hammock would be fun to have.

I have sat in them before and they are really comfortable and it would add an extra campsite seating spot. Hammocks offer a great place to relax, read a book, or take a nap, and be outdoors. I could sleep under the stars!

Other reasons I think a hammock would be a great RV accessory: it would expand our outdoor living space, it takes up hardly any room to store, it could be an extra sleeping area for guests, another way to embrace the outdoors, just a comfortable way to hang out outside.

Buy a hammock here:

Randi’s Favorite RV Things List

Six out of these ten RV accessories and upgrades I personally own and use. They are included on my Favorite RV things list and this list keeps growing as I test and use more RV accessories. It’s free and you can get your copy here:

What are your favorite RV products, gadgets, and stuff you can’t live without?

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