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How Much Does the Froli Sleep System Cost?

There are three different Froli systems:

  1. Froli STAR
  2. Froli TRAVEL
  3. Froli ZONA

Each sleeping system has different pricing. The Froli STAR and the Froli TRAVEL kits start at just under $200. The Froli ZONA kit starts at $249.

I purchased the Froli STAR queen bed set for my Little Guy Max trailer for $398. After installation, I realized I was short so I ordered a Froli STAR expansion pack for about $40.

When I noticed I was short I contacted the company and they were very helpful. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call Elke from Nickle Atlantic (USA Froli Company) at 843-972-9500 and tell her Randi from Randi's Adventures asked you to call. She is happy to help you pick the right FROLI system for your needs and answer all your questions.

If you place an order over the phone be sure to mention RANDI to get your 15% discount!

I paid full price but you don't have to.

I needed an RV mattress mold prevention solution when I purchased my Froli System. And spending $400 sounded pricey to me. But after scouring the internet for days to research solutions and reading reviews I took the plunge. Honestly, I was skeptical.

But there were two things the company offered that helped me make that plunge.

They offered:

  1. 100% money-back guarantee
  2. 30-day hassle-free returns

When I placed my order I had no clue this would be the best RV upgrade purchase I would ever make. Have I told you I love my Froli!

I originally purchased my Froli system because I was very concerned about mold growing under my RV mattress.

I knew if I did not find a solution I would have bigger problems such as:

  • Mold is a big health problem
  • Mold is very difficult to remove
  • The cost and time of mold removal and mattress replacement would be very time-consuming and costly

After installing my Froli Sleep System I quickly realized that it would do what I needed it to which was provide air ventilation under my RV mattress. The next time my bedding was wet due to RV condensation I did not panic but what truly surprised me was the dramatic difference it made in comfort. I won't go into all the details here because I have a video that explains everything that you can watch here: Let's just say it converted my RV mattress into a 5-star like hotel bed. It was very satisfying.

It was at this time I knew I had to share this with you!

I contacted the U.S. Froli System company and asked if I could offer you a discount. They did not have an existing affiliate program in place but agreed to look into it. A few months later I was thrilled they made this happen!

As the original Froli Sleep System YouTube affiliate, I could not be more excited to offer this savings to you in a product I absolutely love! As an RV YouTube video creator, I have tried a lot of products and there is no question... this is my #1 favorite. Based on the comments on my Froli Sleep System videos I know you love it too. (You can read these comments here:

It makes me happy to know that you will be sleeping better at night and do not need to worry about mold as I did.

Want to learn more about why the Froli Sleep System is essential for any RV?

Here I summarize why I think the Froli Sleep System is the perfect Froli RV bed system solution.

Please note: The above Froli System prices were taken from the Froli Systems Nickle Atlantic, LLC website at the time this was written and are subject to change.


Froli Sleep System Installation Video

Where to buy the Froli Sleep System

The Froli Sleep System is made in Germany.

I have received concerning comments from my YouTube community that have bought their Froli System on Amazon and they have experienced quality problems. These are knockoffs.

The original Froli Sleep System is not available on Amazon so please do not buy it from Amazon.

United States RV better sleep wannabes can purchase their comfort bed system PLUS SAVE 15% by going here: and using the promo code RANDI and check out.