Travel Trailer Teardown checklist offered by Randi on Randi’s Adventures on YouTube

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Travel Trailer Teardown Checklist

1. Disconnect from any hookups

Such as electric, sewer, and water.

2. Make sure wheel chocks are in place

They should already be in place from when you arrived at your campsite but it is an important safety measure to make certain they are in place.

3. Raise the stabilizers

4. Put stabilizer blocks away if used

5. Unlock the ball coupler latch

Do this by pulling the latch up and backward.

6. Raise the hitch jack

Raise it so it is higher than the hitch ball.

7. Back up the tow vehicle

Back up so the hitch ball on your tow vehicle aligns directly underneath the ball coupler on your trailer. Take your time. Get out of your vehicle and check to make sure it aligns. If it doesn’t back up again until it does.

8. Lower the hitch receiver using the jack unto the ball until the ball settles securely unto the coupler.

Keep lowering it until the ball settles securely into the coupler.

9. Latch the coupler in place

If you have problems doing this, move your tow vehicle slightly ahead or back.

10. Secure the safety pin to the ball coupler

Put paddle lock on the coupler.

11. Attach your weight distribution bars

12. Raise the tongue jack

This will help you secure the weight distribution bars.

13. Lock and secure the weight distribution bars

14. Insert the weight distribution bars safety pins

15. Raise the tongue jack all the way up

16. Attach the safety chains to the tow vehicle

When attaching the safety chains crisscross them so for example, the passenger side trailer chain hooks to the driver’s side of the hitch. And when you attach the chains go underneath the tongue of the trailer not on top. Also, twist them as needed. You do want some slack but make sure there is a 3-5 inch clearance above the ground.

17. Plug the 7-way connector into the tow vehicle

Notice that one side of the 7-way pin has a flat side. When attaching it to your tow vehicle align this flat side with the flat groove plugin area.

18. Attach the breakaway controller

19. Turn off the RV battery

19. Close propane tank

20. Turn fresh water tank values so the water will empty

21. Pick up and store away any levelers and the wheel chocks

22. Do a final walk around

Make sure all lights on both your trailer and tow vehicle are working, make sure trailer steps are up, all hoses are put away and you have left nothing behind.

23. Open the refrigerator door when you get home

This will prevent mold from growing in your refrigerator.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a travel trailer or a travel trailer hitch expert – this is what works for me and your tow vehicle, trailer, weight distribution system, etc. may be different than mine – you are responsible to do your own research and read your owner manuals!