This travel trailer campsite setup checklist is provided by Randi at Randi’s Adventures on YouTube.

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Travel Trailer Campsite Setup Steps

1. Preview your campsite before you back in

You want to find the most level spot.

2. Make sure hoses will reach the hookup pedestals

Make sure your electric cords can reach the electric hookup pedestal, water hoses will reach the water spigot and your sewer hose will reach the dump if you are at a campsite with these hookups.

If you have slide-outs or awnings make sure there is enough room to open them. You do not want to unhitch and realize you are not close enough to the hookups or there is not enough room for your slide-out or awning. If they do not reach move the trailer so they do reach.

3. Level the trailer from side to side

Place a level inside your trailer so the ends are pointing to the sides of your trailer. You want the bubble centered in between the lines. If you are not leveled side to side, place the levelers behind the wheel or wheels on the side you need to raise and slowly back up your tow vehicle until the trailer wheel is on the level.

Then recheck the level inside your trailer and if it is now level move unto the next step. If it is still not level pull your tow vehicle forward and add another level.

4. Chock the wheels

Put wheel chocks in place to ensure your trailer does not move or roll away.

5. Place a block under the jack

6. Remove weight distribution bars

Tip: Raising your tongue jack up will take pressure off of the bars making them easier to remove. Lowering the jack will take pressure off the hitch.

7. Lower the jack to take pressure off the hitch

8. Disconnect the chains

9. Disconnect the 7-way power cord

10. Disconnect the break-away cable

11. Remove the ball coupler safety pin

12. Lift the ball coupler off the ball hitch

13. Raise the tongue jack until the hitch clears the vehicle ball

13. Move the tow vehicle out of the way

Once Trailer is Disconnected from Tow Vehicle Steps

14. Level the trailer from front to back using your tongue jack

15. Put a block of wood or use leveling blocks under each stabilizer to support them

16. Lower the stabilizers unto the wood or levels

17. Connect to hookups

18. Turn on RV battery and propane

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a travel trailer or a travel trailer hitch expert – this is what works for me and your tow vehicle, trailer, weight distribution system, etc. may be different than mine – you are responsible to do your own research and read your owner manuals!