My Story.

Hi. My name is Randi.

I love outdoor adventuring. I am a wife, a mother of three beautiful grown daughters and a grandmother. I am a search engine optimization website developer.

During 2017 and 2018, my husband Tom, my dog Princess and I spent a lot of time walking trails and building campfires mostly in nearby parks and campgrounds and I kept saying... "if we had a camper we could spend the night!" I enjoyed being outdoors and did not want our adventures to end.

In May 2018 my husband and I purchased our first camper the TAB 320 to make overnight camping a reality.

So excited, we went on our first RV camping excursion to White Water State Park in Altura, MN. We had such a great outdoor experience and loved every minute. But we soon realized while we really loved our TAB 320 it would be nicer to have a larger camper so we traded it in for a Little Guy Max camper trailer. We are now all set to explore this beautiful country with a little more space.

I started my YouTube Channel Randi's Adventures because I wanted a way to log our camping excursions including the campgrounds, people, and adventures. Over time this channel has turned into so much more. It is a community... a place for Weekend Warriors to learn how to make every moment count... because weekends are just too short!

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