My Story.

Hi. I’m Randi.

I am a wife, a mother of three beautiful grown daughters, and a grandmother.

After my vibrant and active mom suddenly passed away from colon cancer I found myself longing for the outdoors. I had never spent a lot of time outdoors so this was a new experience for me. It was a way for me to feel connected to my mom because she loved the outdoors but it also created opportunities for me to explore and find myself in new ways.

It was during this time my husband Tom, my dog Princess and I spent a lot of time walking trails and building campfires mostly in nearby parks and campgrounds and I kept saying... "if we had a camper we could spend the night!" I enjoyed being outdoors and did not want our adventures to end.

In May 2018 my husband and I purchased our first camper to make overnight camping a reality. I am now an obsessed weekend warrior.

I originally started my YouTube Channel Randi's Adventures to document our RV camping adventures including the places, campgrounds, and people I met along the way.

Over time this channel has turned into so much more. It is a community... a place for RV newbies to discover the joys of camping in small campers.

I am a video creator who specializes in videos about camping in small campers. I show people what RV camping is really like, provide insights and share tips and tricks to help people make big memories in small campers. Because after all, weekends are just too short not to enjoy every minute.

I invite you to become part of this community!

Want to Get in Touch with Me?

You can send me an email at OR use the contact form below to send me a message.

    Places I Have Been Featured

    Girl Camper Magazine

    I was honored when Janine Pettit from Girl Camper asked to showcase me and my Little Guy Max in their Fall 2021 Girl Magazine!

    Girl Magazine Fall 2021

    This Nomadic Idea YouTube Channel

    I had so much fun sharing some of the challenges I have experienced earning passive income as a YouTuber on this video and podcast.

    Watch this video here: