Could small campers be BETTER? My RV is often the smallest camper at campgrounds when we go camping. This got me thinking… does size matter?

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In todays, society bigger means better. But does this hold true for RVs? Do small campers have advantages over large ones? As a small camping trailer owner, I wanted to know if RVing in travel trailers under 3500 lbs and similar had advantages.

I use my small camper, the Little Guy Max for exploring nature and getting outdoors on weekends. I have made many epic memories of RV camping. I think there is something special about being in nature.

There are several different types of small camping trailers including travel trailers, pop-ups, teardrop trailers.

Here are my top 9 advantages of owning small campers:

#1 Cost (including gas)
#2 Space – Will there be enough space?
#3 Amenities
I have all the luxury amenities of home in this small camper including a bathroom!
#4 Upkeep
#5 Camping Options
#6 Towing
Not sure what your vehicle can safely tow? Grab your vehicle information and check out the Good Sam Tow Rating Guide…
# 7 Maneuvering
#8 Maintenance
#9 Storage

What size RV is the best? The best size is the size you’ll be comfortable, fits your needs and is within your budget. But… bigger isn’t always better. You can make unforgettable memories in small campers!

So, for the money I saved by buying a small camping trailer, I am not giving up any features or functionality you’d expect to find in larger Rigs. I love my small trailer!


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