I have owned my Little Guy Max camper for 4 years. When I bought it I did my research before I bought this large teardrop camper just like everyone else does before making a big purchase.

But it wasn’t until I actually spent time RV camping in it (I am an obsessed RV camper so I have done a lot of camping in the Little Guy trailer) could I really know if this teardrop trailer was worth the price.

And I need to mention the price because the price tag on the Little Guy Max trailer is going to be higher than similar-sized camping trailers on the market.

So the next question you need to ask yourself is…

Is the Little Guy Max Camper Trailer Worth the Price?

Little Guy Max
Little Guy Max Camper

What is the Little Guy Max?

The Little Guy Max camper is 21 feet in overall length making this travel trailer the largest teardrop camper. It is big enough to include the features weekend RV campers desire most yet small enough to be able to fit into virtually any campsite including National and State Parks.

The Little Guy Max is manufactured by Xtreme Outdoors LLC, and it is a very popular small camper that is distributed in Somerset, PA. Xtreme Outdoors employs about 80 people and has 20 to 30 years of experience manufacturing RVs.

The company manufactures 4 different teardrop trailers the Little Guy Max, the Little Guy Mini Max, the Little Guy Micro Max, and the MyPod. The Little Guy Max is the largest of the 4 teardrop campers they make and is designed for 2-3 people. It offers ample headroom, and a wet bath in addition to a full queen-size bed.

Little Guy Max Tour

Little Guy Max Windows
Little Guy Max Windows

One of the things I love the most about the Little Guy Max camper is the quality of the products and the material that they’ve used throughout this teardrop camper.

You might not know this but the Little Guy Max has two features that make it feel much bigger than it actually is. The first is the windows, which let in loads of natural light – and help the space feel larger too.

There are windows on all four sides of this teardrop camper and they offer panoramic views of nature. I love the windows in this teardrop camper! These are dual-paned windows that have integrated screens and blackout shades.

One of the other window features is that they are tinted. So during the day, if someone’s walking by your camper, they can’t see inside.

The Little Guy Max has an interior ceiling height of 6’ 7”. The tall ceilings make this teardrop camper feel more spacious. It has an exterior height of 9′ 7″ – 9′ 9″.

The Little Guy Max Dinette Area

Little Guy Max Dinette
Little Guy Max Dinette

Because the windows are generously sized when I’m sitting at the dinette table in the Little Guy Max and looking out them I can enjoy scenic views when I’m camping. You don’t get this kind of view in most teardrop campers.

The dinette can comfortably seat 2 people. This dinette also converts to an extra single sleeping area. Converting the dinette to a bed is a simple process and does not require any tools.

The dinette converts to a bed with 2 steps:

1) use the lever located underneath the table to lower it down, and 2) place the bench cushions over the table to create more space for sleeping.

The table can also be removed and used outdoors.

The Little Guy Max Kitchen

Little Guy Max Kitchen
Little Guy Max Kitchen

The kitchen in the Little Guy Max is packed with features, including a large deep sink with a sprayer faucet, a two-burner gas stove made by Dometic, and a microwave.

For kitchen storage space there is are two deep cabinets above the countertop, more storage under the sink, and a ceiling to floor pantry. The pantry is deep so it offers generous storage space.

The refrigerator in the Little Guy Max is a three-way refrigerator and it is four cubic feet in size. It is a nice-sized refrigerator for such a small camper, not commonly found in teardrop campers.

Below the refrigerator is a deep drawer with an additional storage drawer.

The Little Guy Max Bedroom

Little Guy Max Bedroom
Little Guy Max Bedroom

The bedroom in the Little Guy Max camper is a full queen-size bed which is 60” X 80”. Many teardrop campers have had a mattress size of 57″ x 79″.

Another really impressive bedroom feature is the stargazing window.

On one side of the bed are storage cubbies and a swivel TV with speakers. And on the other side of the bed is another window and more cubby space.

There is more cubby space next to the bed with an outlet for your phone and other things you want to keep next to your bed.

In addition to the cubby space in the bedroom area, there is a deep drawer for storage located right underneath the bed. But the most bedroom area storage space can be found in the large wardrobe closet that has adjustable shelving.

The Little Guy Max Bathroom

The Little Guy Max has a wet bath, which means the toilet and the shower are in the same space. The bathroom has a ceiling height of six feet, two inches.

This RV wet bath comes equipped with a porcelain toilet.

Little Guy Max Advantages and Disadvantages

Little Guy Max Storage

There are always pros and cons to any camper trailer. These are the advantages and disadvantages I have found with the Little Guy Max.

Advantages of a Little Guy Camper Trailer

There are many advantages to owning a Little Guy Max Camper Trailer.

Top 8 Little Guy Max Pros:

  1. The Little Guy camper trailers are lightweight and compact enough to be pulled by a small car or SUV.
  2. They are versatile enough to be used for weekend RV camping or for a week or two.
  3. They are quality built with 100% maple hardwood cabinetry with dovetail construction.
  4. There are many large windows in this teardrop camper, including a stargazing window.
  5. There is ample indoor storage space including a ceiling-to-floor pantry and a large wardrobe closet.
  6. There is a large pass-through outdoor storage space. This extra space is nice for storing bulky items like a portable grill and camping chairs.
  7. The Little Guys campers have aluminum framed sidewalls and roof that will not rust.
  8. There is an optional Rough Rider Package that comes with heavy-duty tires and an axle riser to gain ground clearance ideal if you plan to use the Little Guy on off roads.

Disadvantages of a Little Guy Camper Trailer

In my opinion, there are not many disadvantages to owning a Little Guy Max Camper Trailer. But these are the things I would like to see changed.

Top 5 Little Guy Max Cons:

  1. The awning is 6’3″ wide and I wish it was wider.
  2. The screens on the windows have holes and the edges can allow small bugs, including mosquitoes, to get inside.
  3. It can be difficult to slide into the dinette bench located on the driver’s side.
  4. It has a 20-gallon freshwater tank and this might make it difficult to boondock for an extended period of time or take a shower.
  5. The front trailer frame has chipped paint and is rusting.

How to Find a Little Guy Max for Sale Near You

The Little Guy Max has dealers located over the United States as well as dealers located around the world.

You can find a Little Guy Max dealer near you here: https://golittleguy.com/dealer-locator/

Conclusion: Is the Little Guy Max Worth It?

After owning my Little Guy Max for 4 years I think this camper trailer is worth it. It has held up well because of the build quality.

It is the perfect size for weekend RV campers. It’s big enough to include all the features you desire and small enough to fit on any campsite including National and State Parks.

2022 Little Guy Max Specifications

Dry Weight: 3,010 lbs *
Tongue Weight: 310 lbs *
Overall Length: 21’
Overall Width: 7’
Exterior Height: 9’7”- 9’9”
Interior Height: 6’7”
GVWR: 4,000 – 4,200 lbs*
Fresh Water Tank: 19 – 20 gallons**
Grey Tank: 25 – 30 gallons**
Black Tank: 9 gallons

* All weights are starting points for the base models without common or mandatory factory options. ** Due to current supply constraints, fresh and gray tanks may vary slightly in size from unit to unit.

Full specs can be found here: https://golittleguy.com/lg-max/



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