Everything You Need to Know About the Clam Quick Set Escape 

I meet Clam Quick-Set Escape tent owners and I was interested in getting an insider’s perspective about this screen tent because this Clam tent has been on my radar for a while now. Mark and Mary share their personal experiences with it and tell us about features and things they think are important for us to know.

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Clam Quick-Set Escape Video Takeaways

  • Easy/fast to set up and takedown
  • The screen is thick
  • Has door supports helps keep the door open
  • Comes with wind and rain sides held on by velcro 
  • It comes with stakes to hold it in place
  • About 7’ tall and 11′ wide
  • About 6’ long when packed away
  • Quality built
  • The netting keeps mosquitoes and no seems out (bug-free)

This Clam Quick-Set Escape screen tent made it in my top 10 luxury RV accessories and upgrades list. This list is packed with things to make RVing better…. watch that video next.