What is the Froli Sleep System and Why RV Owners Need It

The Froli Sleep System provides two things every RV owner desires, a better night’s sleep and air ventilation underneath the mattress to prevent mold growth.

This Froli RV bed system is perfect for vans, travel trailers, motorhomes, and other odd-shaped bed areas.

It is a camper bed spring system made from a highly durable Hi-Tech thermoplastic elastomer with a memory effect that you install under your existing mattress. And because these springs are modular they can fit under any size or shape mattress.

And these springs do two things really well.

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Convert Your RV Mattress into a 5-Star Like Hotel Bed

The Froli Sleep System (Froli RV bed system) is a game-changer for RV owners who suffer from restless and sleepless nights. Because let’s face it, most RV mattresses are uncomfortable. So expecting to get a good night’s sleep as we do at home probably isn’t going to happen unless we do something about it.

I love how every spring is clipped together to create a base that offers a variety of comfort adjustments. And these springs are designed to fit your body so you’ll be padded and cradled, but also have the necessary support.

After installing the Froli Sleep System both my husband and I noticed a significant improvement in comfort and we slept much better because of it.

But wait, there’s more…

Prevent Mold from Growing under your RV Mattress

Preventing mold from growing under my RV mattress was the original reason I installed the Froli Sleep System in my RV.

Condensation in an RV can be a severe problem, especially in cold or hot, humid environments when the air is excessively moist. In fact, I could feel the moisture on my bedding and because it sat directly on a hard surface airflow was not able to get underneath my mattress to prevent mold from occurring.

Froli Sleep System provides air ventilation
Froli Sleep System Provides Air Ventilation

When the Froli springs lift your mattress up off your camper bed surface this creates air space under your mattress for air circulation. This ventilation will keep your bedding and your mattress dry thus preventing a dark, damp place ideal for mold growth. Mold is nothing to mess around with so this was a big relief for me.

🎦 Froli Sleep System Installation Video

Installing the Froli System in my RV was a breeze! Watch this video to see how to install it step by step:

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