There are so many reasons you might enjoy winter RV camping as much as I do, but my favorite reason is I normally have the whole campground to myself. Oh, and year-round camping means more camping time for us! Winter RVing is so much fun!

Winter RV Camping Tips

Winter RV Camping Tip #1: Water

I live in MN so of course, I winterize my RV before the temperatures get below freezing.

When temperatures at or below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s extremely important that you have your RV winterized to prevent cold weather damage and repairs because when water freezes, the ice can cause cracks in your tank, water lines, and water heater, which can lead to costly repairs.

There are a couple of different ways to winterize an RV and I use antifreeze to winterize mine. Basically, winterizing an RV includes draining your tanks and water lines and then adding antifreeze into your water system.

Once the RV has been winterized no water can be put in the tanks and pipes. So, what does this mean for winter camping in an RV?

  • You can’t fill up your RV water tanks, so you need to bring water with you.
  • Drinking water – I do use bottled water for convenience sometimes, but I also fill up collapsible water containers to bring water with me. I like using collapsible products every time I can because of the space they save.
  • If you don’t want to buy a water container use a cleaned out gallon milk container and fill that with water to take along with you.
  • You can’t fill your kitchen sink with water, of course, because it will drain into your lines, so instead of doing dishes, I use recyclable paper plates and silverware. I love using recycled products whenever possible.
  • If you do want to do dishes, no problem. Use a collapsible tub along with a biodegradable soap that works well in either hot or cold water. 

Winter RV Camping Tip #2: How to go to the Bathroom

And of course, when it is cold weather and your RV is winterized you cannot use your RV bathroom.

  • Use a portable toilet
  • I also use Double Doodie which is a waste bag within a bag
  • Then I place the bag into my portable toilet which basically is a tub with a pail, seat, and cover.
  • For extra absorption,  I use pellets. They are recyclable and cum-postable, compostable. 
  • The portable toilet is then placed and used in the bathroom.
  • Using a portable toilet isn’t your thing, don’t let this stop you from RV winter camping. Find a campground that has an open bathroom. Bathhouses will be closed because of freezing pipes but most will have a vaulted toilet that can be used.

Winter RV Camping Tip #3: Condensation

Condensation is an important thing to think about RV winter RV camping.

Condensation happens when vapor in warm air, like the inside of your RV, encounters a cool surface, like the walls. And this can cause things to get wet and damp.

And when RV camping in cold temperatures this is exactly what happens. My bedding along the side of the walls does get very damp.

And when things are wet and damp, dark and without airflow mold can grow. And mold is hard to remove and can cause havoc on our health.

My mattress used to sit directly on a hardwood surface and this was a problem because the air was unable to move under the mattress. This damp, dark area with no airflow is an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. So to combat mold from growing under my mattress I installed the Froli Sleep System. This system allows airflow underneath my mattress. Not only does it provide peace of mind, but its spring system also helps me get a better night’s sleep… I say it converted my RV mattress into a 5-star hotel bed.

Winter RV Camping Tip #4: RV Battery

You should beware some RV batteries do not work in cold temperatures and freezing temperatures can ruin some. And when they do work, cold weather causes RV batteries to drain quicker. 

I am figuring a few things out….and my current RV battery hasn’t been holding a charge very well even before this winter season. And I am not 100% certain what the problem is. But I know I need to replace it, so I am currently on the hunt for a new RV battery. Because I winter and summer camp in my RV without electric hookups, I want a battery that will work well in both cold and hot temperatures. In MN our winters can be really cold and our summers can get really hot too. Weather is important, but I also want a battery that will give me as much power as possible so I can stay out and boondock a day or two longer.

Please share your cold-weather battery tips in the YouTube video comment section.

Winter RV Camping Tip #5: Use a Trickle Charger While Winter Camping

What I have been doing in the meantime to maintain my RV battery is using a Trickle charger. This has come in very handy…. Because, of course, the battery always seems to go out in the middle of the night and gives off a siren warning that is not pleasant to be woken up to.

The trickle charger is a great way to maintain an RV battery charge when necessary.

Winter RV Camping Tip #6: How to Keep Warm While Winter Camping

The furnace in my Little Guy Max uses propane and works really well to keep me nice and toasty warm.

  • While winter camping in your RV, you will use more propane than you normally would.
  • How fast you will burn through propane depends on the size of your RV, the temperature you set your furnace to, and how cold it is outside.
  • When I have electric hookups I use an electric heater to save on propane costs.

Winter RV Camping Tip #7: Clothing to Keep You Toasty While Outdoors

Next, let’s talk about keeping your body warm when you are outdoors in cold temperatures. Because after all, you don’t go camping… even in cold weather to sit inside your RV.

There are two essential things for stay warm…

  • The first is layering. I wear lots of layers. 
  • Secondly, wool is your best friend. I layer up in wool tops and bottoms and wear wool socks. Wool socks keep my feet warm while outdoors but also help keep them warm on the cold floors!

Winter RV Camping Tip #8: Winter RV Camping Things to Do

There are so many activities to do when winter RV camping! When you are dressed appropriately being outdoors is not cold. And your body heats up with movement, so let’s get our bodies moving! You’d be surprised how you can enjoy the outdoors just like you do when camping in the summer.

Some of my favorites are…

  • Hiking – snowshoes
  • Campfires
  • Build a snowman


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