My camping buddy just lost the fight of her life; this is so heartbreaking for me. I can’t believe my dog, Princess, is gone. She brought so much joy to my life and she loved camping as much as I do. I will never forget you, Princess.

Please watch this video to help me celebrate my great camping buddy, Princess. I’m going to miss her dearly.

Every Thursday I make a new video because I want to help you make big memories in small campers. But today this video is not for you. It is selfishly for me.

A couple of months back I brought Princess to the vet after I noticed she started having trouble breathing. They told me she had heart failure and her little heart was struggling to keep up. As weeks and days went on things got much worse. It’s not been easy, especially for her.

And now she’s gone and I have been overwhelmed with sadness.

Princess goes everywhere with me and my husband. But the thing she loved so much… as much as I do is camping. I can’t imagine her not being here anymore. If you have a dog maybe you can relate to what a loss this is for me.

So while this video is for me I hope you continue watching with me and help me cherish the moments we had together.

Do you have a pet that loves to go camping?