We go winter camping in our RV the Little Guy Max trailer, a small travel trailer and the snow is so deep! During this cold weather weekend camping adventure with our dog Princess at Whitewater State Park my husband Tom shovels through the deep snow to the firepit and builds a warm toasty fire in the winter, in the snow, in March, in MN!

The next day I visit the Whitewater State Park office and am delighted to view deer and squirrels playing through the window.

Next, I find a hiking trail that has been packed down so I can go for a winter walk in the wooded campground area. It is so beautiful, and it does not feel too cold out. I guess I am just happy to be outside since it has been so cold, and we have had so much snow I have not been camping in a month!

Winter camping in our RV has been great. It allows us to get outdoors and enjoy wintertime activities!

Have you been winter camping? I’d love to hear about your adventures! Please share them with me in the comment section below.

And as always I sincerely appreciate you watching! ♥