What’s the best way to buy a USED RV? Learn must-know resources & power buying tips for used RV for sale, used travel trailer for sale, used motorhomes for sale and any other type of used RV.

This video is ideal for anyone considering buying any used RVs for sale by owner or dealer including first time RV buyers.

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Used RV for Sale (used travel trailer for sale, used motorhomes for sale) buyer tips shared:

1.) Where to find RVs for sale
Facebook groups! There are groups focused on used RVs less than $5,000, some that sell Class A used Motorhomes for sale, others just for selling used travel trailers for sale, used RVs for sale by state and more.
2.) Find out what real owners are saying about their RVs – it’s kind of like sitting around the campfire listening to owners talk about the good and bad about their RV to help guide you in your purchase decision
3.) Get RV inspections before you make a purchase to help eliminate buying a LEMON
4.) Get an RV report

VIN Search

5.) And once you find the perfect RV for you and it’s time to make an offer…

How can you make sure you don’t overpay? We are fortunate to have my friend, Paul Chamberlain, the Airforce Guy and with us today to show us how to correctly find used RV market values.


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