Choosing the right RV camping gear is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. From innovative sleep systems to convenient door locks, odor eliminators, and quality chairs, these items can significantly enhance your small camper adventures. Make sure to explore these options for a more relaxed and worry-free camping experience.

The Froli Sleep System: A Game-Changer

  1. Condensation Concerns: Many campers face issues with bedding dampness due to condensation, especially in cold weather. The Froli Sleep System, a spring system that lifts the mattress, addresses this problem effectively.
  2. Mold Prevention: By allowing air to flow underneath the mattress, the Froli system not only solves dampness but also prevents mold growth. It’s a significant upgrade for a comfortable and worry-free sleep.
  3. Comfort Bonus: Beyond moisture control, the added bonus of increased bed comfort makes the Froley Sleep System a must-have.

Watch a Froli Sleep System installation video:

RV Keyless Door Lock: Convenience and Security

  1. Convenient Access: Constantly coming in and out of your camper? An RV keyless door lock with a keypad eliminates the need for carrying keys. Simply enter the code to lock and unlock the door.
  2. Security Enhancement: Standard RV keys are often keyed the same, posing a security risk. The keyless door lock not only streamlines your camping life but also adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access.

Smart Jack Cover: Protection for Your Investment

  1. Sun, Wind, and Rain Protection: Smart Jacks are a common feature on many campers, but neglect can lead to malfunctions. A clever cover provides protection from the elements, extending the life of your Smart Jack.
  2. Chain Maintenance: The cover serves a dual purpose by keeping chains off the ground, and preventing rust and dirt accumulation. It’s a simple yet effective accessory for camper longevity.

Happy Camper: Odor Elimination for RV Bathrooms

  1. Stinky Bathroom Solutions: For campers with bathrooms, the challenge is dealing with odors in a confined space. Happy Camper, a trusted odor eliminator, has proven effective in eliminating bathroom odors during camping trips.

Kijaro Camping Chair: Comfort and Durability

  1. Comfort as a Priority: Finding a camping chair that is both comfortable and durable can be challenging. The Kijaro Camping Chair, with its high ratings and positive reviews, stands out as a cost-effective, comfortable, and foldable solution.
  2. Quality at a Fraction of the Cost: Costing significantly less than other chairs on the market, the Kijaro chair surpasses expectations in terms of comfort and build quality.

Portable Grill: Outdoor Cooking Made Easy

  1. Funky Food Odor Avoidance: Cooking inside a small camper can leave lingering odors. A portable grill, like the Napolean TravelQ, provides a convenient solution for outdoor cooking, ensuring your living space remains fresh.
  2. Compact Design: The grill’s foldable legs not only make storage easy but also offer flexibility in setting it up on various surfaces without the need for an extra table.
  3. Grease Management: The Napolean TravelQ stands out with its drip pan, simplifying the cleaning process by collecting most of the grease.
  4. Convenient Storage: For enthusiasts of both indoor and outdoor cooking, a safe place to store messy grease is essential, making the O Grill a versatile choice.

Eco-Friendly Propane Solution: The Ignik Gas Growler

  • Single-Use Pitfall: Green 1 lb propane bottles are not only costly but designed for single use, providing only about an hour of propane.
  • Eco-Friendly Refill Option: The Ignik Gas Growler, a refillable 5 lb propane cylinder, not only saves money but also reduces environmental impact by keeping disposable bottles out of landfills.

Quick Zip Sheets: Time-Saving Bedding Solution

  • Bed-Making Challenge: Managing sheets around a mattress against walls can be frustrating. Quick Zip Sheets provide a revolutionary solution.
  • Zipper Magic: These sheets allow easy removal and reattachment of the top sheet, eliminating the need to lift the mattress for a hassle-free bed-making experience.

Industrial Rubber Anti-Fatigue Rug: A Dirt Magnet

  • Dirt Management: Sweeping the camper floor constantly becomes a thing of the past with an industrial rubber anti-fatigue rug.
  • Functional Design: This rug, strategically placed at the entrance, collects and traps dirt, offering both functionality and easy maintenance.

Expandable Shelf and Organizing Bins: Maximizing Storage

  • Space Optimization: An expandable shelf doubles storage space in cabinets, cubbies, and other places where you need extra space.
  • Bin Organization: Additional storage bins with built-in grab handles enhance organization, providing easy access to stored items and making a significant difference in overall camper storage.

Recurve R3 Anti-Sway Hitch: Towing Stability

  • Sway Prevention: Experience uneasy swaying while towing? The Recurve R3 is a weight distribution hitch with anti-sway capabilities, ensuring a stable and secure towing experience.
  • Educational Resource: A recommended video link provides a thorough understanding of the Recurve R3 for those new to anti-sway bars.

Watch this YouTube video about the Recurve R3 here:

Stick-On Bubble Levelers: Simple Leveling Trick

  • Leveling Efficiency: Two stick-on bubble levelers strategically placed on the trailer simplify the leveling process.
  • Cost-Effective Convenience: These inexpensive levelers save time and effort when adjusting the trailer from side to side or front to back.

Portable Power Station: The Jackery

  • Remote Camping Power: For off-grid adventures, having a reliable power source is crucial. The Jackery 1000, a portable power station, ensures devices stay charged even without electric hookups.
  • Expanding Camping Opportunities: The ability to camp in remote locations without electric hookups opens up new and memorable camping experiences.


Equipping your small camper with these must-have items enhances not only convenience but also the overall enjoyment of your RV camping adventures. From eco-friendly propane solutions to time-saving bedding and innovative leveling tricks, these gear choices cater to a diverse range of camping needs.

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