What is a teardrop camper? How much do they cost? Do they have bathrooms? How much do they weigh? What type of vehicle do you need to tow one? And are teardrop trailers worth it?

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Maybe a teardrop trailer is right for you? Learn why these tiny camper trailers to find out.
Here are the answers to the top 6 questions people have about teardrop campers.

What is a teardrop camper?
A teardrop camper, also known as a teardrop trailer, is a streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailer and today they come in different sizes and have different amenities.

But teardrop trailers all have one thing in common and that is their curved, teardrop-shaped profile.

Classic teardrop campers were designed to be the simplest form of camping after the sleeping bag and tent. They are spacious enough to usually sleep two comfortably.

Teardrop campers like the My Pod made by Xtreme Outdoors look small, right? It has a sleeping area for two, air conditioning, 3 speed fan, and an entertainment center!

My camper the Little Guy trailer is not a classical teardrop due to it’s 18’ length and you can stand up in it. It’s amazing what can be fitted to a teardrop camper of this size.

Do teardrop campers have bathrooms?
And the answer is classical teardrop trailers do not have bathrooms. But as you just learned some larger ones do. My trailer has a wet bath, so it is a bathroom with a shower too.

What is the weight of a teardrop camper?
The weight of teardrop trailers can range from 600 lbs to over 3000 lbs. You can find teardrop trailers under 2500 lbs, teardrop trailers under 3000 lbs and teardrop trailers under 5000 lbs.

What can pull a teardrop trailer?
Classic Teardrop Trailers can usually be pulled by SUVs and some cars. Heavier teardrop trailers will require a vehicle with greater towing capacity.

Towing Capacity Guide: https://axleaddict.com/rvs/How-to-calculate-your-vehicles-Towing-Capability

What is the price of a teardrop camper?
Pricing can vary greatly ranging from $4K to $35K depending upon length, amenities and of course quality. With that said, teardrop campers usually cost much less than other travel trailers or RVs.

Are teardrop trailers worth it?
Yes! Especially if you have a yearning to go to remote places and explore the outdoors like I do. This small camper has allowed me to experience all the fun of camping, without the hassles that come with tenting or driving a large RV.

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