It’s EASY to get camping electricity using a solar portable power station to keep your devices, electronics, and small appliances powered up while off-grid using the Jackery Portable Power Station!

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OK, I know, camping is about being outdoors and getting away from our devices, which I love! But for me, as a website developer, I sometimes have to work while I am camping so this requires keeping my computer charged, my Verizon Hot Spot charged and as a YouTuber I need to keep my GoPro batteries, and cell phone charged to shoot videos and my IPad to edit videos. Having a portable power supply for camping is essential for me.

I have been using the Jackery Portable Power Station to provide portable power but I recently turned it into a solar portable power station by purchasing the Jackery Solar Panel (SolarSage 100W Solar Panel). This solar power supply allows me to extend my camping without electricity or camping without electric hook up timeframes.

Portable Power Stations to charge and explore.


My but there are many other ways it has also made camping easier. We use several DeWalt battery-powered tools while camping including a DeWalt fan. So to keep the fan-powered up I also use the Jackery 1000 portable power station to keep those batteries charged. And at night when just a little extra air movement makes it more comfortable inside our RV we will plug a small portable fan into the Jackery.

It is a plug and play portable power supply…with 4 USB ports, and 3 AC ports. That’s a lot of ports that can be used to charge devices, electronics and small appliances at one time. To give you an idea of how much power the Jackery 1000 has, can charge a smart phone 100X, charge a drone 17 times, and charge a C-Pap machine. It can also run a TV for 14 hours, and a car refrigerator for 66 hours. And if you have been following my channel you know I love winter camping so this winter I will also be using it to power up our milk house heater to keep us warm.

This portable power station comes with an AC outlet cord and I always make sure it is fully charged before we hit the road. It also comes with a 12 Volt cord so it can be charged using a cigarette lighter. I use this to recharge it while driving especially when traveling from one location to another. Because the Jackery has 1002 Watt-hours this has been sufficient to keep my electronics and devices charged as a weekend warrior.

However, not too long ago my husband and I went on a 2-week camping trip and we camped at 4 different State Parks, and these campgrounds either did not have electric hookups or only nonelectric campsites where available when I made our reservations. So, I purchased the SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel also made by Jackery so I could use the sun to recharge the Jackery during these longer periods of time.

And this turned my portable power station into a solar portable power station!

This solar panel is lightweight, weighing 9.1 lbs. I like that it is foldable making storing it and traveling with it easy and it has a carry handle, that made it easy to carry.

Pairing the Solar Panel with the Power Station was really easy.  There is a small storage compartment on the back of the solar panel that holds the cord you connect to the connection cord it came with. Once connected you plug it into the charging port on the power station.

Using and setting up this solar power station couldn’t have been easier.

Each campsite we stayed at did have plenty of sun. The only draw back I could see is if it was really cloudy or rained for days. But I setup mine up every morning and would only keep it out when we were around the campsite and this worked perfectly.

As a weekend warrior this portable power station has been instrumental in keeping me productive over the weekends when necessary and the solar panels have definitely allowed me to extend my camping times.

But what has been really fun is since owning the Jackery I have camped at some really cool locations I probably wouldn’t have before. I love more secluded type of camping and this opens the door to be able to get even more remote, and I can’t wait to do more boondocking and off-grid camping!

Camping without electric hookups has been easy using solar portable power.

MY RV Battery Limitations

So are you wondering why I need a portable power source when I have an RV battery? Similar to most small campers, the battery on my Little Guy Max Trailer only powers the lights, it ignites the propane heater, and propane refrigerator, water heater and fan in the bathroom.

It does not give electricity to our outlets and I cannot run my AC unit without electric hookups. So, to power my devices and keep cool when I am camping without electric hookups, I need portable power.

And, I have been finding myself camping more and more at campsites without electricity. They tend to be more remote and I love this.

Jackery 1000 Solar Portable Power Station – the largest Jackery

Here are some of the features I love about this solar portable power station:

  • Power: It has enough power to keep your electronics and small appliances charged for days. it can charge a smartphone 100 times, a laptop computer 12 times, charge a car refrigerator for 66 hours, or a C-Pap machine.
  • AC and DC ports
  • It has 8 ports so I can charge up to 8 devices at one time, it has 3 USB ports.
  • Portable: lightweight, can move it when the sun moves, can use inside and outside.
  • Super easy to use.

What is a Solar Portable Power Station?

Until I found the need for electricity while camping, I didn’t know exactly what a power station was! But I did  a lot of research, that’s why we are all learning together. To date this is my most expense RV accessory so hopefully, I can save you the time and energy in researching and testing to find out what is worth it and what isn’t.

It’s an oversized battery. They don’t create electricity. You simply charge them… more on that coming up and they store the electricity until you need it. They are more capable than pocket-sized cell-phone chargers, most of which cannot charge anything but a smartphone.

Solar power stations are popular amongt those who camp off-grid or go boondocking which is often thought of as camping in the wilderness. But…. even if you are like me and camp at state, county and city campgrounds I need and want electricity.

These large batteries can also provide temporary life-saving electricity when the power goes out at home, whether due to a hurricane or unpredictable events.

Prior I felt limited to only campsites with electric hookups. This limited me to campgrounds that had some campsites with electric hooks, camp at campgrounds without electric hookups (most amazing) I feel freer…. I I can camp anywhere!

How Do I Charge this Portable Power Station?

  • charge at home using an AC outlet, before we leave
  • charge while driving (in between campgrounds like we did)
  • or by solar

As, I mentioned, I recently purchased the SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel which turned my power station into a solar power station.

So, now I can recharge my power station with the power of the sun!

More on why I added the solar panels….how to set it up t camp, the extra USB ports,  … I need sun (trees) etc. my routine

Jackery Solar Panel

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel, recharges the power station with the power of the sun! So, now I do not need an outlet to recharge my portable power station. I could stay off-grid for a long time… as long as there was sun.

Because both the power station and solar panels are lightweight they are easy to move when the sun moves.