Small RV TOUR video of the Little Guy Max Trailer/Camper with specifications that mattered most to me when shopping for small campers with bathrooms (and a shower!) If you are interested in a small travel trailer you need to watch this.

These are the small RV/Camper features and amenities you have asked me the most about my Little Guy Trailer in my channel video comments so I know these facts and specifications about small campers you want to know about.

Are small camping trailers worth it? Let’s get into Nitty Gritty details of small travel trailers and what you might expect to find by touring the Little Guy Max made by Xtreme Outdoors (previously Liberty Outdoors).

I love my small RV and here are the top reasons why I think small campers are practical:

This small camper with a bathroom, the Little Guy Max is sleek, comfortable and practical. Ideal for weekend RV camping for us (2 people and a dog).

– For small camping trailers, this one easily sleeps up to 3 adults (and a dog or two!)
– Less is more – upkeep – cleaning – where you can go
– Glamping – loads of amenities – I am not roughing it while RVing! Every convenience I need (bed, kitchen, bathroom, shower, place to stay warm and enjoy TV or play cards when it is raining outdoors)
– This small RV is easy to tow – hitches up well behind compact SUVs and midsize pickups
– Practical – more freedom – quality
– Weekend getaways –I have made so many epic memories at some amazing campgrounds while traveling in my small Travel Trailer.

If you have small RV/Camper questions, just ask me in the video comment section below. I read and respond to every comment. And if I don’t have an answer maybe someone else will. This is a community Weekend Warrior channel where we can all learn from each other.

Additional overall specifications of this small camper, the Little Guy Camper:

Dry Weight 3,140 lbs. / Tongue Weight 330 lbs. / Overall Length 21’ / Exterior Height 9’ 1” / Overall Width 7’ / Interior Height 6′ 7″ / Exterior Height 9′ 1″

GVWR (The gross vehicle weight rating) 3,950 lbs – this is a lightweight travel trailer

Fresh Water 20 gallons
Grey Water 14 gallons
Black Water 9 gallons

Here are the Little Guy Trailer closet storage area dimensions:

Area Wide High Deep Cubic Ft.

Closet (2 Adjustable Shelves + Hanging Rod) 17.5″ 60″ 24″ 14.58
Drawer Under Bed 23″ 8″ 19″ 2.02
Open Cubby Over Fridge 23″ 13″ 18″ 3.11
Drawer Under Fridge 21.5″ 11″ 19″ 2.60
Under Right Bench 21.5″ 16″ 32″ 6.37
Under Left Bench 9″ 16″ 32″ 2.67
Behind Left Bench 5″ 10.5″ 31″ 0.94
Upper Cupboard (Over Sink) 24″ 13.5″ 13″ 2.44
Apron Fold Out 18″ 3″ 1.5″ 0.05
Lower Cupboard (Under Sink) 23.5″ 24″ 24″ 7.83
Top Drawer (Under Cooktop) 20″ 6″ 19″ 1.32
Middle Drawer (Under Cooktop) 20″ 6″ 19″ 1.32
Bottom Drawer (Under Cooktop) 20″ 6″ 11″ 0.76
Pantry Top (1 Adjustable Shelf) 13″ 24″ 24″ 4.33
Pantry Bottom (2 Adjustable Shelves) 13″ 42″ 24″ 7.58

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