Ever wondered whether you can run anything in your camper at any time, including the air conditioning unit, the microwave, or the coffee pot? Well, wonder no more! This is how you can comfortably achieve all this by setting up a power-efficient lithium system aboard your camper.

Lithium Set-Up: An Overview

Lithium batteries

This system consists of four Lion Energy batteries with a total storage capacity of 420 amp-hours.

The set-up also incorporates a 2000-watt Xantrek inverter, capable of running any appliance in the camper. The inverter essentially becomes a charger when it’s plugged into the mains, thus properly preserving the batteries by constantly charging them.

“It allows us to run any appliance we want, from the air conditioner to the coffee pot, you name it! We even use this set-up to run our fridge on electricity instead of propane, for an extended period without any issues.”

Understanding Each Component

Battery Stunt

A battery shunt is a very crucial component for anyone with multiple batteries, acting as an indicator of the charge state of your battery. It’s far more reliable than a voltmeter in this regard.

Solar Panels

Lithium Batteries with Solar Set-Up, and Sway Control Advice for Your Small Camper

The set-up also features 600-watt solar panels, hooked in parallel. If any of the panels fade due to continuous exposure to rainfall or harsh weather conditions, just remember to plug in and charge the batteries directly through the solar controller.

Power Storage

This compact lithium set-up contains an original 100-watt amp-hour that came with the camper, another 50 in the middle, and one 110-watt amp-hour on the side, for a total of 260-watt hours. Including the panels on the ground makes a total of 860 watt-hours.

The Sway Control System: Advanced Safety for Your Small Travel Trailer

Check out the Tucson Sway Control system – it’s a powerful almost decade-old tool that can help you prevent trailer sways during road trips.

Tuson Sway Control System

“Tucson Sway Control System redirects the brakes according to which side of the trailer needs it the most to control sway.”

Installation and Monitoring

The system is a bit involved to install, as it requires running individual wires into the camper for each brake. However, it is all worth it as the system operates automatically, only requiring occasional glances at the indicator light to confirm it’s green (indicating a working condition).

“Every camper should come with it – driving without worrying about sways is a game-changer!”

Considering every aspect of this fantastic system, it’s evident that it’s a gem worth investing in for your camper, especially considering the advanced sway control safety feature. The little investment, about $400, guarantees an optimal perception of safety during your road trips.

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