I have a small camper, the Little Guy Max and I found if I do not follow these steps when setting up my camper, I get unorganized and that drives me crazy.

RV Camping Setup Ideas Checklist


Even though I keep everything I can in the camper to make unpacking easier the backseat of our truck is usually loaded with things that need to be put away. So, the very first thing I do as soon as we get to our campsite unpack. My goal is to get the camper set up done so the fun can begin.

When I went to an RV show Camping World and others were giving away free bags. These work great for hauling your camping gear!

As I am unpacking, things that belong inside the camper are placed there. Items that belong in the storage area and immediately put away there.

Open windows

In just a few minutes I have everything from the truck unpacked and the next thing I do is open the windows and let the light and fresh air in!

Put Things Away

Now, it is time to put everything away. Everything has a specific place so I put things where they belong.

My husband Tom and I each have a duffle bag we pack our clothes in. I found it easier for weekend RV camping getaways to keep our clothes in the bags and we just take our clothes out as needed.

And I always bring along a clothes bag to put our dirty clothes in. This helps me keep the wardrobe organized.

I also love using this collapsible kitchen tub to transport things in. This was one of the items I shared in my recent Collapsible RV accessories video.

Because everything has a specific place, this helps keep me organized! I also have a specific place I keep my devices and camera gear.

Unpack Food

I last thing I unpack is the cooler. This gives refrigerator time to cool down.

I found thin ice coolers that work great and don’t take up a lot of cooler space. I really like them verses the thick bulky ones. And I always pack my meat frozen to help the cooler stay cold longer.

Also if there is a chance the meat might leak when it thaws I place it in a plastic bag to prevent a mess.

Now that everything is unpacked there are a few last things to do to get the camper completely setup for our weekend. I like to use recyclable paper plates and silverware, to save time washing dishes so I like to refill the drawers if we are getting low.

Finish Camper Setup

Next, I set the microwave clock, and I always remove the microwave plate when tearing down the camper just in case it were to bounce around and break so I put that back in place.

I also put the paper towel away because it will unravel while traveling… so I take that back out.

Next step… I put garbage bags in the garbage cans. I have two garbage cans. One for regular trash and the other for recycling. I like that most campgrounds have recycling.

Now. It is time to fill up Princey’s water dish and feed her. Her food comes in cans so I use a silicone can topper to keep the can sealed and her food moist while refrigerating the unused portion. They are also handy for other open cans so I always have a couple with me while camping.

What is the #1 thing you do to keep your RV camper organized when setting it up? Let me know in the comment section below!

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