Offline Map Apps to Navigate Like a Pro Without a Signal

I love how technology makes it easy to navigate when remote RV camping. Without further ado let’s dive into these offline map apps!

Google Maps App       

First up, is Google Maps App! You probably have this app on your phone right now. But did you know you can download Google maps for offline navigation?

How to use Google Maps Offline

I am excited about an upcoming RV camping trip in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Remote camping offers gorgeous scenery but most times zero to little cell service or WIFI access. And I feel lost without knowing what is around me!

And that’s why using Google Maps offline is so useful.

Once you download a Google map you can use the Google Maps app just like you normally would even without WIFI access, or when your cell signal is slow or you just don’t have any signal at all.

What are Offline Google Maps best for?

Of course, this is offline map app is perfect for driving directions, but I love using it to find places near me such as restaurants, gas stations, propane, dump stations, grocery stores, laundromats… basically, any type of place you may need to find while camping or RVing in an area without a cell signal or WIFI.

How to download Google Maps App

The Google Maps App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

To find the app search for Google maps on either the Google Play Store or IOS App Store.

  • Download Google Maps App to your device
  • Once installed, open the Google Maps app on your device
  • Find the map area you want to download.
  • Click on the three bars in the upper left corner 
  • Scroll down to offline maps
  • Click – Select your own map

A preview of the downloadable map area will be displayed. If you need to make adjustments do this now by scrolling in or out or moving the map. It’s important the offline map coverage you want is displayed here because the map area shown will be available for offline usage.

  • Once you have the area you want to download click on the download link
  • The map will begin to download – how fast depends on the signal strength and how large the map area you selected

That’s all there is to it. The map area you downloaded is now available for offline usage. Now when you are traveling in that area you can get directions and find places of interest just like you could if you did had a great cell signal.

How Much Does Google Map App Cost?

It is free.

Google Offline Map Tips

5 pro tips to help you navigate Google maps offline like a pro.

  1. Downloaded Google maps expire. Your map expiration dates can be found on your offline map list.
  2. Once you are done using your downloaded map you delete it from your phone or device to free up space on your device.
  3. Talking about space, the larger the area you download the larger the downloaded file on your device will be. The amount of space each downloaded map is using can also be found on your offline map list.
  4. Rename your downloaded Google Map to something that will remind you of the map area.
  5. You need to download your Google Map area before you leave because you must have a cell signal or be connected to WIFI to download a Google Map.

The Dyrt Pro

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Next up is an offline map app to help you find places to camp without a cell signal or WIFI. And it’s The Dyrt Pro App. That’s Dyrt with a y. It’s This is a popular app where you can search over 1 million campground and campsite listings, reviews, and tips from other campers.

How to use The Dyrt Pro Offline Maps

You can search for campgrounds nearby, by typing near me in the search box, and it has an advanced filtering system to help you quickly narrow in on the campgrounds that fit your needs. When you click on a campground you get more information like user-submitted photos and reviews. That’s one of the unique things about this tent and RV camping app is the user-submitted content.

If you find a campground you like you can save it, add it to a list, and share it with family and friends. Once you’ve stayed at a campground, you can post your reviews from the app too.

How Much Does The Dyrt App Cost?

The Dyrt App has a free and pro version.

They recently added a Pro version that allows you to find campgrounds offline. With the Pro version, you can access their entire campground and campsite database without a cell signal or WIFI access.

Pro version

The offline functionality is awesome but in addition, the Pro version also allows you to:

  1. Plan camping road trips with their Trip Planner
  2. Find free camping with Map Layers that displays BLM, US Forest Service, and National Park Service dispersed camping
  3. And save money on campgrounds and camping gear using their discounts

What are the Dyrt Pro Offline Maps best for?

The Dyrt Pro is a must-have app for finding all kinds of places to camp on the go when you do not have cell service or WIFI or you are concerned about using up your cellular data plan.

How to download The Dyrt Pro App

The Dyrt Pro App is available for both iPhone and Android

To find the app search for The Dyrt tent & RV camping app on either the Google Play or IOS App Store.

And the cost: At the time of this recording the Dyrt Pro Version is $35.99 a year and they offer a 7-day free trial which I nice so you can test it out without making a commitment.

 And because I am a Dyrt Pro affiliate you can save 10% when you use my discount code! 

Once you have downloaded the app, click on the PRO button in the upper right-hand corner. Then enter my discount code: randi10 This will save you 10%.

Here’s how to use The Dyrt PRO to find camping when you don’t have cell service or want to save on data usage:

Once you are a PRO member you can download areas to find campgrounds and campsites offline. This is very similar to downloading a Google map and very easy to do.

From the app click on Pro tools and here you will see My Map Downloads. Click on Your First Map. Now you want to zoom into the map area you want to download. Once this area is displayed click on the Download link. That’s it. Now you can search for campgrounds and campsites in this area without cell service or WIFI.

The Dyrt Pro Tips

  • Once you are done with a downloaded map delete it from your device to save on storage space. You can do this under my maps section.
  • You need to download your campground and campsite map area before you leave because you must have a cell signal or be connected to WIFI to download a Google Map.

AllTrails Apps

Do you love hiking as much as I do? Especially in more remote or off-the-beaten-path locations? If so, this next app will become one of your favorites. 

The AllTrails app has been my number one go-to app because it is so easy to use to find great hiking trails when I am camping.

How to use The AllTrails Pro Offline Maps

I recently camped in the Ozark Mountains and there were epic hiking trails. But I knew the odds of having a cell signal was zilch so I downloaded the AllTrails hiking map area I planned to be in so I had all the information at my disposable I needed to know about the trails.

One of these trails was Pam’s Grotto Waterfall Trail. The AllTrails offline map app took me to the trailhead. There were no road signs and the trail was not noticeable from the road so without the AllTrails app I would never have been able to find it.

While hiking this trail it wasn’t always obvious which way the trail went so I opened the app and it found my location. Luckily I had the app because I had gotten off trail but was able to quickly get back on the trail with the app guidance. 

The AllTrails app was a valuable offline map app I am so glad I had it on this trip. If you like hiking this is a must-have for you too.

What is the AllTrails Pro best for?

Finding trailheads and trail navigation when camping or RVing in remote places or anywhere where having a cell signal is doubtful.

How Much Does the AllTrails App Cost?

The AllTrails App has two versions. A free version and a PRO version. At the time of this recording, the Pro cost $29.99 a year.

You need the PRO version to download offline hiking trail maps And the Pro version allows you to see your exact GPS location on an interactive trail map. I love this!

How to download the AllTrails Pro App

The AllTrails app is available for both iPhone and Android

To download the AllTrails app search for AllTrails in the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Once downloaded open the app and search for hiking trails in the location you will be hiking without cell service. 

You can filter trails to narrow in on ones you are most interested in. Once you find a trail you want to download click on the download arrow. Next, choose the type of map you want to download and click the download link. That’s it. This map has been downloaded. You can now view details about the trail, get directions and so much more with a cell signal.

And you can download as many offline maps as you want.

AllTrails Pro AppTips

  • When RV camping I like to have a variety of hiking options. When I camped in the Ozark Mountains I downloaded and had access to over 20 hiking trail maps and I am glad I did. Because once you are in a remote area it’s too late to download more maps.
  • Like Google maps and the Dyrt app it is best to delete downloaded maps from your device once you are done with them.
  • There is so much more to this app, like the ability to record your hikes, and view completed trails. So be sure to take advantage of these extra tools.

Offline Map App Pro Tip

It may be worth downloading offline maps even if you think you might have a cell connection before you head off on your next RV camping trip. There have been countless times when I have gotten to a campsite and had no cell service and wish I could find the nearest grocery store or a hiking trail. Since all three of these offline maps apps use the downloaded version if they can, this is faster, covers you in spotty coverage areas, and reduces the amount of data you’re using. And in a world where roaming data is typically still expensive, slow, or both, these RV apps are a huge bonus.