This is my PORTABLE TOILET! Is this the BEST camping toilet? I show you how I use it as a bathroom when duty calls and you decide! *CLICK MORE*

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This is my waterless camping potty review/hack and how I solved my bathroom problem when my RV is winterized… because having a portable potty makes things easier! I use the Reliance Hassock Portable Toilet and basically, my portable toilet is a pail. I use a Double Doodie toilet bag, cat litter to eliminate odors and for clumping plus a deodorizer.

I like this toilet bag because it is double bagged to eliminate nasty spillage. The zip lock on the toilet bag makes removal less stressful. I keep my portable toilet for camping in the RV bathroom…. this provides privacy when duty calls!

This complete portable bathroom system is perfect as a camping toilet, toilet for RV, tent toilet, van toilet and great for boondocking too!

You can find a campground with a vault toilet or outhouse while RVing and I do use these potty alternatives, but when duty calls at night time I prefer the convenience of a portable toilet while RV camping in cold temperatures.

This is not glamorous, but I would rather use a portable bathroom with a seat than not go camping at all. And I love camping all seasons!

Is this the best portable toilet for camping? You tell me… what are your best camping toilet ideas? Please share your ideas/hacks/DIY/review in the comment section below.


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