WOW! Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment is the best tank treatment and holding tank treatment for your RV black tank. It cleans and REMOVES black tank smells.

Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment

You never ever want your RV or your RV bathroom to smell like… well a bathroom!

I have a small camper the Little Guy Max and the top of the bathroom door is not enclosed or sealed. So, if there are nasty odors in my RV bathroom I am going to be able to smell this throughout the inside of my RV.

If you have a small camper like me too, you know preventing bathroom odors is especially critical for us because we don’t have the space for bad odors to go and dissipate. Even if you use a fan to pull odors out, some of the smell is going to escape in your RV. And hey, even with a full-length bathroom door, or a larger RV, bathroom odors are going to get out unless you have a good holding tank treatment.

I’m an obsessed weekend warrior and since buying my Little Guy Max camper 3 years I have done a lot of camping. But it was early on when I first got my camper that I learned about Happy Campers a holding tank treatment that eliminates odors and I use it on every camping trip. Using it is just part of my camper setup routine.

I really hadn’t given it much of a thought until this camping trip. I forgot to add it to my black tank when I setup camp this time. OK! Truth be told this is my first solo camping trip where I am really on my own. I am 300 miles from home so that may be why I forgot to use it this time.

But, after the second day of RV camping I was like what is happening? Something smells. And suddenly, I realized I forgot to use my Happy Campers holding tank treatment.

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Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment

How Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment Works

8 reasons why I love this RV holding tank treatment so much.

  • It just works! Like I said, I use it every time I get to a campsite.
  • Happy Campers is organic. It doesn’t mask odors with fragrances and chemicals… but it eliminates them.
  • It liquifies and breaks things down.
  • It is biodegradable.
  • It eliminate odors in both your black and grey tanks.
  • It is effective in both extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment is made in Oregon.
  • I love the cost! At the time of this video the size I buy cost $24.45

But 1 scoop of Happy Campers treats 40 gallons. My black tank is 9 gallons which means I only need to use about ¼ scoop of Happy Campers treatment to eliminate bathroom odors. Therefore an 18 treatment size container will last me about 72 camping trips. This equates to about 34 cents for each time I use it.

How to Use Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment

This is how to use Happy Campers tank treatment every time you arrive at our campsite.

  1. Fill toilet with 1 gallon of water – (I use 32 ounces because my tank size is about ¼)
  2. Sprinkle and stir in one scoop of the Happy Campers holding tank treatment – you want it to dissolve
  3. Flush immediately

The process is the same if you use Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment for your grey tank. But instead, you’d add the water to your sink, and once holding tank treatment powder has dissolved you’d immediately drain the sink.

That’s it. Easy, huh?


➡️ Buy Happy Campers Organic Holding Tank Treatment on Amazon:

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