I love camping at more remote locations but often these types of camping spots and campgrounds do not have water, sewer or electric hookups. They also do not have dump stations.

My RV black and grey tanks fill up after three to four days so when I am boondocking or RV camping at a campground without an RV dump station I need to find a place to dump my tanks.

Is there an app for RV dump stations?

There are RV dump station apps that use your location to display a map or a list of nearby facilities that allow you to dump your RVs black and grey tanks. These apps range in price from free to $9.99.

Finding free RV dump stations near me

Many RV dump station finder apps allow you to search for or filter for free RV dump stations near you. The number of free dumping facilities displayed varies from app to app. 

When searching for free dump stations I noticed some of the results were only free if you camped at the location. And the reliability of the results also varied from app to app.

Having the ability to search for free locations is a nice feature because if there are a couple of nearby dumping options and one of them is free this cost savings can add up over time. The most common charge to empty your black and grey tanks at an RV dump station is $10.00.

However, the number of free dump station varied greatly among these 4 best RV dump station apps. Here are the results.


4 Best RV Dump Station Apps


Name of AppCostAvailable on IOSAvailable on AndroidWorks OfflineFree Dump Station FilterCost Displayed
RV Dump Station99 centsYesNoNoYes – but limited resultsNo
AllStays$9.99YesNoYesYes – filter by RV dump stations then freeYes
RV Dumps$2.99YesNoYesYesYes
Google MapsFreeYesYesYesYes – search for free RV dump stationsNo
RV Dumps Stations App
RV Dump Stations App

RV Dump Stations App

Cost: 99 cents

Free dump station filter: Yes

Dump station cost displayed: No

Works offline: No

Like all the apps on this list, the RV Dump Stations app uses your location to display RV dump stations near you.

This app has a filter to view results by type of location such as truck stop name, rest areas, Cabela’s, campgrounds, and more. You can also favorite locations that you have been to or you want to save for later.

The information about the dump station location is basically providing the name of the location, distance away, address, and phone number.

There is a free dump station filter that searches for the word free in the description. However, there were not many free results, and when I spot-checked the results most of them were only free if you camped there.

Pros: This app is easy to use with maps views.

Cons: The cost to use the dump stations is not listed, there were limited free dump station results and most of the free ones I found were not free.

Download RV Dump Stations App:


Android – N/A

AllStays App
AllStays App

AllStays App

Cost: $9.99

Free dump station filter: Yes

Dump station cost displayed: Yes, when available

Works offline: Yes

The AllStays app allows you to search and find campgrounds by campground type, rest areas, stores that carry products for RVs, and truck stops. It also has a dump station and propane finder filter.

Pros: The AllStays app is my number one go-to app for finding campgrounds and dump stations.

Cons: One-time cost of $9.99 (but I think it is worth it)

Download AllStays App

IOS Pro Versionhttps://www.allstays.com/proamember/aff/go/randisadventures

IOS Regular Versionhttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/camp-rv-tent-camping-to-rv/id370820516

Android – N/A

RV dumps app
RV Dumps App

RV Dumps App

Cost: $2.99

Sort by free dump stations: Yes

Dump station cost displayed: Yes

Works offline: Yes

This app is made by AllStays and it uses the same data as part of the “Camp and RV” app which has a dump station filter in it. You can filter RV dump stations by campgrounds, rest areas, and truck stops. It also includes a free RV dump station finder and locations that sell propane.

It allows to filter and find dump stations at campgrounds, gas stations, truck stops, rest areas, service dealers, and water treatment plants.

The best part is it is better at finding those free dump stations.

Pros – More free RV dump stations.

Cons – Not available on Android.

Download RV Dumps App


Android – N/A

Google Maps App
Google Maps App

Google Maps App

Cost: Free

Sort by free dump stations: No

Dump station cost displayed: No

Works offline: Yes, download ahead of time

The Google Maps app allows you to search for RV dump stations nearby your location. The easiest way to do this is to type RV dump stations near me in the search bar. If you want to find free RV dump stations near me then type this phrase in the search bar.

Most of us have Google maps or another map app already downloaded on our phones.

So you could use a map app as your primary source but here’s the thing. There is not going to be one app that lists absolutely every dump station available so using a map app as a secondary resource for locating nearby dump stations and propane should ensure you find the closest one to your current location.

Pros: It is free

Cons: The free RV dump station search results were not accurate

Download Google Map App