De winterizing RV water system for the Little Guy Max Trailer. EASY for all small campers & trailers. Checklist below ⬇️

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How to De winterize an RV Camper Trailer – Little Guy Max Checklist
(How to remove the pink winterization fluid (antifreeze) from the water system/hot water heater to prepare for summer camping)

Step #1 Make sure fresh water holding tank valve is closed
Step #2 Fill water tank
Step #3 Check water heater bypass is on
Step #4 Turn on water pump
Step #5 Drain low point drains
Step #6 Run water through kitchen faucets until water is clear
Step #7 Run water through shower head and toilet until water is clear
Step #8 Run water through outdoor shower until water is clear
Step #9 Put the drain plug back on
Step #10 Fill hot water heater
Step #11 Turn water heater on
Step #12 Test hot water
Step #13 Shut off water pump and heater
Step #14 Empty black and gray tanks

How to Safely/Properly Dispose of RV De-Winterization Antifreeze:

Antifreezes made from the chemical Propylene Glycol are commonly used in the RV and boating industry to winterize water lines and water tanks.

Propylene glycol is used as a less environmentally toxic antifreeze. It is not harmless; it is just less toxic than ethylene glycol used in most antifreeze. … Improper disposal will contaminate ground water and cause problems in municipal water facilities.

When you are done de winterizing your RV this is how you get rid of it: Dilute the propylene glycol and pour it down the sewer. Only pour it into a municipal sewer after calling your waste water treatment facility. Or a service station or automotive parts store that will accept waste propylene glycol for disposal.


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