8 Camping Activities & Ideas of Fun Things to Do

Camping activities for everyone! Camping fun begins when you do things you love and I love being outdoors. For me, camping is all about enjoying nature and spending time outside and these activities are how I do just that.

Camping Activities Ideas for adults, youth, tweens, kids, couples, and families.

#1 Cornhole

Cornhole is a great camping activity because it is loads of fun for everyone. Buy one that folds up into an easy storage bag and does not take up a lot of room.

#2 Hiking

Many campgrounds and especially State Parks have trails, but I often ask the Park office or local Park Rangers for off the beaten road trail suggestions. During a recent camping trip they gave me a printout of a variety of trails… you never know what you will find along these trails.

#3 Embrace What is Around You

Nature is so beautiful and intriguing. Sometimes it is the small things that are the most interesting.

#4 Read a Book

Why is reading a book better outdoors?

#5 Spa Day

Fill a tub with warm water and add soap. Soak your feet and get them clean at the same time. Go ahead…. Spoil yourself.

#6 Explore the Local Area

Every small town we camp near is so different and it is fun to explore these towns. And most small towns have the best food!

#7 Kayaking

You do not need to own kayaks to do this camping activity. Most State Parks and offer kayak rentals, as well as local outfitters and they, also provide guided tours.

#8 Take Pictures

Take pictures of the beauty around you and so you can remember the fun times you had.