In this video I am going to share my top 7 FAVORITE (BEST) Travel/RV YouTube channels. If you know me, it is not a surprise that they are all RV/Travel/Outdoor related YouTube channels.

I really enjoy watching these great RV/Travel/Outdoor YouTube channels and thought you might enjoy them too. I enjoy each one for different reasons which I am going to share with you.

This is not a complete list! In fact, it was hard for me to limit this to just 7… there are so many binge worthy RVing videos and Vlogs available.

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BONUS CHANNEL! Randi’s Adventures

My channel is not part of the BEST RV/Travel/Outdoor YouTube list, but I want to mention it in case this is your first time here.

Hello… my name is Randi and you are watching my YouTube channel…. Randi’s Adventures!
I go weekend RV camping with my husband Tom, and I wanted to capture our camping adventures as well as log the campgrounds we visited. I hope these videos help others discover camping and the campgrounds we stay at in our Little Guy Max camper trailer and do BOTH WINTER and Summer camping!
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Randi’s Adventures Channel:

1. SUV RVing
Why I love his Outdoor/SUV RVing YouTube Channel:
His drone and video footage are breathtaking! I love to watch him climb mountains and enjoy the mountainous Utah scenery. Who doesn’t like a guy that sleeps on mountains in the snow!
SUV RVing Channel:

2. Second Chance Hiker
Why I love his Hiking/Outdoor YouTube Channel:
I’d love to walk the Pacific Crest trail and I feel like I am walking the trail with him. The terrain is diverse and challenging. How many times have I said I want to lose weight… well he is not talking about it… he is doing it! He wants to lose 200 lbs and is almost 30% there! He cracks me up… he thinks mountains look like chocolate ice cream! And I love his laugh! He is such an inspiration!
Second Chance Hiker Channel:

3. The Chick’s Life – RV Travel
Why I love their RV/Travel YouTube channel:
Besides the awesome video production of this RV travel YouTube channels, I have found cool places to add to my must-see bucket list after watching their videos. This enjoyable full time RV family always seems to be having great outdoors adventures… they are just fun to watch!
The Chick’s Life – RV Travel Channel:

4. The Homeless Firefighter
Why I love his Living in a Truck/Travel YouTube Channel:
Who wouldn’t want to watch a frugal firefighter that lives out of the back of his pickup truck, likes to drink beer and travel? He cracks me up with his wit and dry sense of humor. He saved $85,000 this past year by living in the back of his pickup… it is inspiring to see how much he can save and that he uses that money to travel to interesting places such as Scotland, Germany, Guatemala and Vietnam.
The Homeless Firefighter channel:

5. Bex Cat-herder
Why I love her Travel/RV YouTube Channel:
She boondocks in her Casita in some of the most interesting and stunning places… from Slab City to Yosemite National Park. She loves to hike (me too!) And her videography is out of this world! She has a special way of capturing the World around her in such a beautiful way!
Bex Cat-herder Channel:

6. Travels with Delany
Why I love their RV/Travel YouTube Channel:
They are weekend RVers as am I. They also have a teardrop travel trailer, the T@B 400 which is very similar to my travel trailer The Little Guy Max. I think they are foodies too because they love exploring local food joints in the places they travel! They also provide valuable RV tips and takeaways that I find valuable.
Travels with Delaney Channel:

7. The Roads We Roam
Why I Love their Full-Time RV YouTube Channel:
When I first started watching them, they had just bought a Little Guy Max trailer (the exact same one I have) but instead of weekend camping like I do they lived in it full time. Recently, they changed things up by buying a Class A RV…
The Roads We Roam Channel:

These are not the only videos I watch! There are so many remarkable YouTube RV/Travel/Outdoor related channels it was hard to do this video as I wanted to highlight more!

Do you watch some of my favorite RV/Outdoor YouTube channels? Let me know your favorite RV/Outdoor YouTube channels below.