Have you wondered what RV camping life is like with the Little Guy Trailer? What is my #1 challenge about weekend camping and what is the #1 thing I would change on the Little Guy Max?

My friends Patrick and Patty from Travels with Delaney AND JOHNY from Johny’s Journey challenged me….to the RV 10 Question Challenge. So, thanks guys…. Anytime I can talk about the Little Guy Trailer and RV camping life… I am all in! As most of you know I own a Little Guy Max and I have been a weekend camping warrior for the past 1 ½ years.

RV 10 Question Challenge

1. If you could change or add one thing on your RV what would it be?

I love most everything about the Little Guy Trailer, it has been an ideal small RV camper for weekend camping. But, if I could change something it would be the dinette table.

2. What is something you didn’t expect when you got your first RV?

This is going to surprise some people – I don’t think I have ever mentioned this before.
We bought a TAB 320 May 2018 and returned it for the about Little Guy Max Trailer about 1 ½ month later. Why did we return it? It was too small – not much room to comfortably move around with two people and a dog. So what I didn’t expect when I got my first trailer was how important space was, including height and bed size.

3. What was your deciding factor when you bought your first RV?

Although I use my small RV camper for weekend getaways and trips, I still wanted some of the comforts of home. My must haves were a bed, kitchen and bathroom. I knew if it didn’t have these criteria it probably wouldn’t get used as often.

4. What is your favorite meal to cook at camp?

This is a tough one – I am not a great cook. I’d say my favorite is Frisco melts – jazzed up burger (tasty and easy).

I need your help! Please share your favorite easy camping meals with me either over a campfire, on the Blackstone grill in the comment section below! I’d love to gather a few favorites to have as my Little Guy camping meals so I don’t have to think about meal prep anymore while RV camping!

5. What is Your Must See Destination?

Travel down Highway 1 – from Miami to Key West. I’d like to explore the small quaint towns along this waterfront highway.

6. What’s your favorite thing about RVing?

The adventures! Since becoming a Little Guy Camper owner, RV camping in this small RV camper has been filed with fun outdoor adventure. Places (campgrounds) and the outdoors – hiking, campfires, kayaking. I am loving every minute.

7. What’s your least favorite thing about RVing?

As a weekend RV camper my least favorite thing is planning ahead to make campground reservations. Campgrounds get booked fast in MN/WI.

– So, what do I do about this?

o Book Early! Get a calendar out and find long weekends
o I go RV camping at least 30 weekends out of the year during all seasons!
o Winter camping – no reservations required!

8. What’s a must have on your next RV?

As a weekend warrior in a small RV for 2-4 days at a time and the water tanks are adequate. If I were to get a different RV I want bigger water tanks. – as more of a luxury item

9. What’s your favorite adult beverage at camp?

Wine! Riesling – Blue Fin at Trader Joes – $4.95

10. What is your favorite indoor RV accessory?

Froli Sleep System
– Spring base system – under your mattress
– With adjustable firmness levels
– Easy to install – fit all bed sizes and shapes
– No chance for moisture to get under your mattress and cause mold
– A good night sleep is so important
o Health and enjoyment – quality time

The Little Guy Max has changed my life, I now have a RV camping life and I am loving every minute. I want to hear the #1 thing you love most about your weekend camping life.

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