I love my Little Guy Max Trailer/Teardrop Camper! ♥️♥️♥️ But I was recently asked… What are some things you like and don’t like about the Little Guy Camper/Trailer? Not too long ago I did a “Top 5 Features I like about this Teardrop Camper” video and you can view it here: https://youtu.be/YCIqyIJB4dE.

So… here is a Little Guy Max Trailer/Camper REVIEW of 4 things I’d change in this teardrop camper (with one honorable mention) if I could:

1.) The door window hits the dinette window when there is not a latch system to stop it. This is frustrating when there is wind even if the latching system worked (see #2) because if you come in or out of the Little Guy Camper/Trailer and there is a slight wind it can catch the door and crash it into the other window. We have ordered a new window to replace the one that got busted because of this issue.
2.) The latching system used to hold the door open does not work. From day one the latch fell off and we need to find a quality solution.
3.) The dinette table makes it difficult to fit in the far bench side of the table. The table does slide so if there isn’t anyone sitting on the opposite side you have more wiggle room to maneuver.
4.) The front trailer frame has chipped paint and is rusting. We will need to fix this.
5.) The last change I would make is a larger fresh tank. It is a 20-gallon tank and this might make it difficult to boondock for an extended period of time or take a shower.

This is a Little Guy Max Roughrider 2018 made by Liberty Outdoors. We use this teardrop camper/trailer mostly for weekend camping and have enjoyed adventuring in all seasons with this 18′ travel trailer. The quality, design and its functionality has surpassed our expectations.

Do you own a Little Guy Max or TeardropTrailer? They are becoming very populat amongst RV weekenders and more. This type of RV is easier to fit into tigher campsites and is the ideal size for weekend camping getaways! Mine has given me so many outdoor adventures I would not have done… unless of course I used a tent, but this is luxury glamping maximized! What are some things you’d change if you could? Please share your reviews! I’d love your feedback… please let me know in the comment section below.

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