This is a simple, yet genius RV hack to make it easy for you to level your RV, especially if you are doing this task yourself. And there is no expensive equipment, gadgets, or apps you need to buy.

This video is all about simplifying the process of leveling your RV using a $8.00 bubble level package of two on Amazon.

Why Do You Need to Level Your RV?

There are three main reasons why it is important you always get your RV as level as possible.

  1. Your RV is designed to be level. So, if it is not level, you are adding stress to it and this could cause long term and expensive damage.
  2. Your RV refrigerator needs to be level to function properly.
  3. For your comfort. When things aren’t level, everything gets off kilter.

In a recent video, I showed you step by step how to setup your travel trailer once you get to your campsite. And in this video, I placed a large bubble level in my RV that let me know when my RV was level. This worked but as I would lower the tongue jack, I had to go back inside my RV to see if it is level. And sometimes it takes a few times to get it perfectly level.

So, this is not the most convenient RV leveling method.

Are RV Leveling Apps Worth It?

The concept of using a RV leveling app is instead of running back and forth to see if you are level as you are lowering or raising the tongue jack, you would be looking at the app on your phone and the app will tell you. I am not convinced having my phone handy when I am unhitching and setting up my trailer is convenient.

Also, Popular RV leveling apps like the LevelMate Pro cost around $145. So, I have been hesitant to buy one of these RV leveling apps.

RV Bubble Levels

I recently was RV camping with my Dad and he had two small bubble levels attached to the outside of his RV.

He stuck one of them on the front of his trailer so he can see when his trailer was level side to side. He also had one placed on the side of his trailer close to his jack so when he was raising or lowering the jack he could see when it was perfectly level.

There is one important step you need to do before installing these on your RV which I am going to share with you so keep reading.

This is going to make it so much easier to level your RV. And of course, this will work for travel trailers of any length.

How to Install Bubble Levels on Camper

  1. Clean RV surface.
  2. BEFORE YOU ATTACH the bubble level to the outside of your RV make sure your RV is level from both side to side and front to back.
  3. When you adhere the level to your trailer you want to make sure the bubble is in the middle of the two lines. This is also important. Because your trailer is level, you need the bubble level to indicate it is level.
  4. Place the first bubble level on the front of your RV. This level will be the one you use to determine when your trailer is level side to side.
  5. Next, place your second bubble level on the side of your trailer close to your tongue jack. This will be the level you will use to level your trailer front to back.

Bubble levels on your camper trailer are better than an expensive app. Also, you will no longer need to continually check a level located inside of your RV to get it perfectly level and you no longer need to carry a large leveler with you!

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