Learn how to winterize a RV! With these winterizing RV step by step instructions you will learn exactly how I winterize my Travel Trailer, the Little Guy Trailer.

There are the two common ways to winterize a RV Trailer. You can winterize with an air compressor or RV antifreeze. DIY winterize RV with antifreeze is easy once you understand the necessary steps. Overall, you need to remove water from your RV water system then pump antifreeze back into the tanks and lines. I also cleaned the water filter. This is the basics of how you winterize a RV water system and really is this simple.

We also like to know how to winterize an RV so if we travel to a warmer climate, we can always de winterize the RV and then re-winterize when we return home to Minnesota.
If you want to learn how to winterize a RV trailer for under $10 this video is for you. To get the job done, we purchased two bottles of antifreeze at $5 each. You will also need a hose to siphon the antifreeze but Travel Trailer came with one.

I hope you found this how to winterize RV water system and hot water heater YouTube video and helpful… you just need RV antifreeze and a hose to get the job done.
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