Camp fire! I love campfires! This is how I built a campfire despite the wintery snow. ❄️

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When I decided to go RV winter camping at Frontenac State Park in my Little Guy Max Trailer the first thing I thought of was I want to build a camp fire! It’s winter in Minnesota and the high today is 26 degrees and we’ve recently gotten a lot of snow so that could be challenging. But I really want a campfire so let’s see how well I do building one….

This is a RV winter camping tips video!

Be sure to check our local campground and area regulations about gathering firewood.

Fires need 3 things:
1. Fuel – firewood
2. Oxygen – air
3. Heat – the fire itself

To build campfires you need three types of fuel:
1.) Tinder – (tinder is anything that catches fire easily) it is used to ignite fire
2.) Kindling
3.) Fuel wood – logs

Campfire Platform
Build platform of wood if snow in fire pit to have a buffer between the fire and the snow, this keeps fire off the ground and allows more airflow.

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