I’m solo RV camping & backing up my Little Guy Max travel trailer onto my campsite and I’M NERVOUS! 😬 Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too BAD! ⬇️


➡️ Watch to see what happens next! Because you won’t believe what other challenges I faced when I was setting up my campsite!!! 🥺 https://youtu.be/Ao3m1yCGYBo


I have no way of knowing how easy or hard backing my camper Into my campsite will be… But, I want to share my experience setting up an RV at a campsite with you regardless of how it goes Because if you are an RV newbie, or you’re a beginner like me and want to do some solo camping hopefully I can inspire you to not be afraid to do it.

And fingers crossed I don’t embarrass myself too badly. Because backing my Little Guy Max trailer into a campsite can be intimidating and easy RV newbies mistakes can easily be made.

When I’m camping with my husband Tom, he’s the one that does the backing up and setting up the campsite. So, what I am thinking when I pull into a campground with him is…. I can’t wait to see where I’m going to be camping for the weekend.

When I am RV camping alone… the only thing on my mind is… I hope to back up my travel trailer to the campsite without hitting anything!

Backing up has been so challenging for me. This is what has stopped me from solo camping. But, I finally decided to go to RV driving school and I gained way more confidence. If you don’t feel confident backing your travel trailer up… get help.

Don’t be afraid to make RV newbie mistakes because that is how we learn to do things right.

The biggest RV newbie mistake when backing a travel trailer into a campsite is to be rushed or intimidated. Always slow down, take your time, and you can do It.


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I love the outdoors, hiking, campfires, meeting fellow campers, and exploring new campgrounds, and my small travel trailer the Little Guy Max makes this happen. I also camp all 4 seasons and yes… that includes winter camping! I live in Minnesota and mostly camp in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Weekend RV life in my tiny camper brings me joy. I am a camper at heart and love every outdoor minute.

I can’t wait to see you next Thursday!

❤ Randi

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