While RV camping I walked around the campground and noticed the huge variety of RVs, Travel Trailers, tents and more. I even had the opportunity to tour some including the Clam Tent (a pop up screen shelter tent), the Maggiolina Rooftop Tent and learn from the owners why they loved their camping rigs and outdoor shelters.

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Tours (Owner’s Review) in this Video:
1.) Scamp Trailer
2.) The Clam Tent (CLAM Quickset Portable Gazebo | Canopy Tent | Screen Popup Tent)
Want to purchase the Clam Pavilion Pop Up Shelter??? Go here to buy: https://amzn.to/2xsNrEq (Amazon affiliate link)
3.) Retro Travel Trailer by Riverside RV
4.) Maggiolina Extreme (roof tent used for off-road adventuring!)

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♥ Randi