RV High Winds Safety Must-Knows

RV camping in high winds is scary. The winds woke me up because I could feel my camper moving and swaying and this was not a safe feeling. I was really concerned the winds might flip my small camper over. And I didn’t know what to do. I had pulled […]


RV Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Stop Your Cabinet and Drawers From Opening While Traveling

By adding this RV door and cabinet catches your doors are more secure and prevent them from opening while driving down the road. No more surprise messes to clean up. I love this super easy & affordable RV upgrade.

RV Magnetic Door Catcher

This Catches Your RV Door From Slamming Into Your RV or Window

This is brilliant… This magnetic door stopper prevents my RV door from flinging open because the magnetic stopper catches the door. This is a super easy and affordable RV upgrade.

RV Keyless Door Entry

Add Security and Convenience

My Second Favorite RV Upgrade I no longer worry about losing my RV keys and locking and unlocking is so convenient. I also learned most RV manufacturers use the same key! This shocked me to know others have a key to my RV so installing this is also a big security upgrade as well. And it’s really simple to install.
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Froli Sleep System

Prevent RV Mattress Mold & Sleep Like a Baby

Drum Roll Please… My favorite RV upgrade of all! The Froli System converted my RV mattress into a 5-Star like hotel bed. The squishy spring-like system provides extra support for your mattress. I love my Froli! Save 15%! Use this code at checkout: randi