Scott Shop Towels

The Ultimate RV Cleaning Towel

These multi-purpose shop towels are designed for cleaning up grease, liquids, oils, and spills in automotive repair shops and garages so you know they will clean even your dirtiest RV messes!

Collapsible RV Kitchen Accessories

Organize Your RV Kitchen!

12 RV accessories & must-haves for your RV kitchen! Ideas for organization & storage space-saving gadgets to make your RV life easier!

Everything from grease storage, paper towel rack with top, reusable grocery storage bags, refrigerator organizer, and unbreakable dinnerware, and more.


Campsuds Outdoor Soap

Cold or Hot Water Soap

This soap works in either hot or cold water. It is biodegradable and multipurpose making it ideal to wash dishes, use as hand soap and shampoo. This is the only RV soap you will need. Plus it is concentrated so it comes in a small bottle saving you storage space.